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What League Will You BE IN

Lutheran Football participates in the Greater Metro Milwaukee Football League (GMMYFL) and Southeast Wisconsin Youth Football League (SEYFA). We participate in SEYFA through partnership with RYS Football. Our GMMYFL League is for Grades 5-8. There are currently teams for grades:

(1 & 2) and (3 & 4) and  (7) = SEYFA  Crusader Football through RYS

(5&6) and (7&8) = GMMYFL

Total registered athletes will determine the number of teams in each league.

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Generally speaking, football practices begin during the first week of August.  Practices are held at various fields around the city of Racine.  Practice days and times are set by individual coaches but generally are held 3-4 nights a week until school begins and 3 nights a week during the school year. 

Games are scheduled by the individual leagues and generally involve 6 to 9 games per year.  Home games are played in Racine at Pritchard or Horlick Field.  Away games are played at a variety of locations, generally located in Racine, Kenosha and Milwaukee Metro area.  Parents are responsible for transporting athletes to and from games.

Practices are mandatory. If a player misses practice during the week, that player’s eligibility for participation in that week’s game is at the sole discretion of the coaching staff.

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We believe in raising children to become productive adults.  As such, personal accountability is a must.  Our core principles are:

WORK - how hard you try

RESPECT - the attitude you display on and off the field

DISCIPLINE- doing your job effectively

Personal conduct on and off the field can impact a player eligibility and participation, at the discretion of the coach.

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